Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Outlook

Okay pedometer at track: doesn't work right with athletic clothes and falls off shoes. Weekend: one day spent at home building, cleaning, moving, etc. Solution: bring the pedometer home to track steps on crazy cleaning day.

In other news: school money came in and just about everybody is happy about that. Reminder to check on Bell South and MasterCard. Bought stuff for the redecorating project. Had a flat tire yesterday. Got Microsoft Office 2003 installed. Still having issues with email accounts on Outlook though. Finished the query letter for the crapometer. Trying to catch up on homework now.

Redecorating: There's always a cascade effect. I need to move a chair from the bedroom to the living room. To make room for the chair, I need to move an end table to the kitchen. To make room in the kitch, I need to move all the power tools to the back porch. So yesterday after flat tire fun was finished, I spent the afternoon putting together the storage unit for the power tools and other outside items. As it was, I finished the padlock clasp installation this morning. So I may start loading it tonight after class, depending on how I feel. I still have a lot of other chores to get done. Weird, sluggish morning for me, but I got to work on time.

Crapometer: My suck letter is up at riterly. Go ahead and go over it. I still need a title for Zy's Novel, and have to get the two together for the 750-word entry. Must be ready by noon Friday. No pressue.

Homework: Reading Ong. Nah, he didn't get any less dry in almost 10 years. This summation from Chapter One bugs me for some unknown reason:
"Human beings in primary oral cultures, those untouched by writing in any form, learn a great deal and possess and practice great wisdom, but they do not 'study.' They learn by apprenticeship ... not by study in the strict sense." (Ong Orality and Literacy 9)
I'm guessing memorization by storytellers doesn't count as 'studying' but I got an itch to create a fictional culture to prove it wrong. I don't know where I would use said fictional culture , but that's inspiration for you.

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