Monday, August 07, 2006

Back on the Track Day 9

Well, missing Saturday's workout had the bonus of getting the days lined up again. So now I'm on 20 minutes of walking plus 5 minutes on stretching. I think crosstraining on rest days starts this week too, but I didn't bring the binder with me to double check.

Walking to a time goal is much easier. And I'm always pleasantly surprised by how much I have walked. On Day 8, the first day of the 20 minutes, I walked 1.25 miles. Day 9, 1.13 miles. It fluctuates because the track's policy is to alternate
lane usage on different days.

Weekly Stats
Weight: 195 lbs/88.45 kg
Height: 61.5 in/156.21 cm
Waist: 109 cm
Abdomen: 120.5 cm
Hips: 115 cm
Knee: 41.6 cm
Neck: 37.5 cm
Shoulders: 122.4 cm
Chest: 116.7 cm
Thigh: 65.1 cm
Calf: 43.2 cm
Ankle: 23.1 cm
Arm: 29.9 cm
Forearm: 26.4 cm
Wrist: 15.6 cm
BMI: 36.25

I'll admit when I'm stumped. I don't understand when I am shrinking--albeit slowly--the gut which needs to go bye-bye is gaining centimeters! Maybe it will show a difference in the opposite direction once I start upper body crosstraining. Or maybe what fat cells haven't been consumed are gathering there to make a final stand.

Not disheartened, but confused. And very tired of getting pinched by the waistbands of my pants.

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