Friday, August 11, 2006

Fees Time of Year Again

I didn't get here early enough. I meant to, but got to the point where I could dust and vacuum my office. Down to two boxes of papers and a crate full of bulky office supplies to deal with. Wash the windows and I'm through with the quarterly chores.

I have to stand in line every year to make sure to get my parking permit and this year check on direct deposit for my refund. Combine it with renting and buying textbooks, and I should be done until classes start on August 21st. Anyways time off work is not a bad thing.

So what else is going on? Dad and I got the ceiling fan rehung Tuesday night. I'm
almost done with the major cleaning project. Chad's supposed to come stay one weekend but not this one and he's running out of weekends.

The governor and national Senators are fussing about looking into a plan to turn I-10 and I-12 into toll roads. Actually, I'm for it--IF they're going to set up a bus system from Hammond to Baton Rouge or a commuter train. Since they won't, I guess it gets a no vote from me.

8:45am done with fees part onto books. Things to remember for next year: If nothing
funny with financial aid, go straight to parking decals. Remember ID and car registration.

8:50 am - nothing to rent this year, so I have to buy books.

9:40 am - done with buying books and other supplies. Time to go to work.

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