Monday, August 21, 2006

Um, brain don't you know I have class tonight?

No seriously, glancing over the edits I have gotten back, and the brain starts spitting stuff out as evidence here, here, and here. Both good and bad. Good, not taking critiques personally. Bad, I have to go to class tonight--no time to work on edits! I can count edits as part of my monthly total, right? I'm saying yes now regardless.

Had a sleepy brainwave last night. Cleaning house, long-distance relationship blues, let me look at the new Feng Shui book. Yes, book is right and I've been wanting to redecorate bedroom. That'll be the nice thing for the house with school money. Crash and sleep.

Look at it again this morning. (Since I wasn't home at all yesterday, not too much on my chore list needing to be done.) Find my Bagua Map of the house and the bedroom. (Also counted up how many garment bags I will probably need to store garb, but that's a different project.) Examine Bagua Map of house and bedroom, already aware of the big issues in the bedroom. *POW* My kitchen is in the Love and Marriage portion of the total house. My blue and grey and white kitchen when Love and Marriage needs reds and other warm colors to be stimulated. *Palmface* Well, I need new dishtowels and maybe a curtain and maybe a nice red cannister set, or violet-red to blend better. I can pick those up pretty reasonable when I get the bedroom stuff.

It will be nice when I can start over from scratch when I do the full remodel of the whole house. Until then, I have to peicemeal and keep the house functional.

And this peice of good news brought to you by Laurie R. King.

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