Monday, August 14, 2006

Back on the Track Day 15

I missed Sunday as a day of exercise, but after cleaning most of the back porch, I was in no condition to go. Even though I was watching my fluids, I still managed to wash out my electrolytes. I always try to over-do it. But the pay off looks good. Now I'm paranoid that I'll come home to find my new clear space commondeered for storage space by someone else.

Got my first day of crosstraining done back on Day 12. And I bought new earphones for when I ride the bike I can also watch TV. I just hope I can keep up with the weekend workouts. With classes starting next week, they're important for me meeting my goals.

Weekly Stats
Weight: 198 lbs/89.81 kg
Height: 61.5 in/156.21 cm
Waist: 107.8 cm
Abdomen: 121 cm
Hips: 112.1 cm
Knee: 41.9 cm
Neck: 37.5 cm
Shoulders: 118.2 cm
Chest: 118.4 cm
Thigh: 63.3 cm
Calf: 42.4 cm
Ankle: 23.8 cm
Arm: 30.3 cm
Forearm: 26 cm
Wrist: 15.5 cm
BMI: 36.81

And shin pain finally started now that I'm up to 25 minutes. Two more stretched to do to counteract that pain. But I think I've been calculating my time wrong. I've been counting 5 minutes warm up in with the workout time and I don't think I should count it that way. Especially since I don't see any noticable improvement anywhere. *Sigh*

Course the other issue is in the AC-controlled gym, I'm not sweating alot. Which is the point because outside I'd get heatstroke, but since I'm only sweating a little I don't feel I'm working out as hard as I need to. Especially when the damned-in-shape runners go out with a shirt soaking. I'm trying hard not to push myself extra hard and hurt myself, but I wanna be skinny again!

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