Thursday, August 03, 2006

Adjusting to the New Schedule

Okay, I found sheet protectors with divider labels and they are long enough to stick out. Yeah! Now I just have to get the exercise binder together. I am rather impressed with myself; I haven't needed a rest day yet. I must have muscles under all this fat. Though as you go further the time spent walking gets longer and rest days become crosstraining days. Current research is saying diabetics need 38 minutes of walking (or other aerobics) a day to see a difference in their blood chemistry. Get up to 90 minutes of walking a day, and you really see a boast--like some had to decrease their insulin intake. Okay, time to play the Lotto so I can afford to have 90 minutes a day just for exercise.

The new art rules have been added to Alt. BM Site, and not a momment too soon.

I started the new schedule today. And I actually got up at 4am! I didn't get everything finished because I was revising the chore list, but once I got it posted on the fridge, I checked a lot of items off. And I actually got up at 4am! I don't think I have any errands to run tonight, so I should be home and fed at the right time today.

There! Exercise binder divided and prettied up. But now I think I'm going to need a bigger binder for it. Or separate the workouts from the FitTogether progress tracking sheets.

I have socks on the shopping list along with a new pair of work shoes. After reading the article on walking sock, I'm thinking I should invest in a couple of pairs for the gym and free up other socks for daily wear. I need four pairs and there's a store in Hammond that has them, yeah! Okay, it's supposed to be close to the Interstate heading down 51 toward Ponchatoula--I don't remember seeing a sports store over there? Typical Mapquest, put it on the wrong side of the street. It's on the other side of the Interste in the Mall. That makes more sense. So I guess I'm going to the mall--I need vitamins there too--but after I eat!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!

the erarly morning organising is good - it's called "collecting". Look up GTD (or "getting things done") on the internet - that's what got me started on the backpack list!