Friday, August 10, 2007

Where's my She-Ra sword*?

Okay, first SLU pisses me off by putting me on some stupid academic probation because I'm not meeting satisfactory academic progress. The only thing I can think of is that I have too many fucking credit hours. Why so many? Because I'm staying in school until they GIVE ME THE BLOODY CLASSES I NEED AT A TIME I CAN TAKE THEM! I'm down to one fucking class and thesis hours. And they scheduled the class for the middle of the day Tuesdays and Thursdays. You better fucking believe I'm appealing the damn ruling.

But it's all good. It's Doctor Who night, which has been showing at 8pm for the last four episodes. Well, unknown to me, they moved it up an hour for the two-hour premier of Flash Gordon the series. Don't get me wrong, I do like the revamp, but I watched it through to get to the repeat of Doctor Who that comes on after... only they decided to rerun Flash again.

All I got to see was the Tardis disappearing from Martha's flat! *Sniff* A head should roll! Seriously, one hour break from Flash wouldn't have hurt! GRRR! Just understand, I am not mad about the Flash. I have a fondness for Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant being the first old school comics I started reading, not knowing what the hell was going on in any story because of all the backstory that happened before I was born, but still feeling the awesome coolness of it.

Then I saw the 1980 film. And loved it for its sheer campiness. And it proves how awesome Queen is. They did the whole soundtrack after doing the soundtrack for Highlander, which became the "A Kind of Magic" album. And I don't think either film did huge at the box office. Can you see one of today's mega-bands doing the whole soundtrack to what is destined to be a cult hit? "Nope, just let us do one song for radio play." Queen *Wayne's World we're not worthy gesture* And the whole reason I'm buying the new released version on DVD of Flash Gordon is to complete my Queen collection, since I can't find the Flash Gordon theme song on any of the greatest hit CDs! And the cheezy football fight. Go Flash Go!

Which my father didn't remember because my first comment upon seeing the new series commercial: "that Flash Gordon is so not a football player." They made him a marathon runner.

More pointless Queen trivia: you will never find "New York, New York" on anything outside of the Highlander movie. Freddie didn't like how it came out, so they left it off the album.

So while I'm trying to weed out my financial problems and spend less money, I now have 3 DVDs I must have.

The Monster Squad
Flash Gordon

And that's not even counting the TV show series I'm slowing collecting on DVD.

*For the record, I always thought She-Ra's sword was shiny. Sharpen both edges and heads will roll quite nicely. Though I would use He-Man's in a pinch. Now there's a nostalgia market that hasn't been tapped.

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