Saturday, August 11, 2007

Such good intentions

So far the only one I have accomplished was cooking a spinach souffle for breakfast.

I was defeated by number and clothesline. Numbers meaning after about 5 times of thinking I was finished with the new budget and then discovering Quicken didn't agree with me or remembering I did something wrong I finally have the budget done. The Excel spreadsheet and Quicken now match. And I just need my money to come in so I can start following it.

The clothesline is an actual clothesline. We are undergoing a massive heatwave (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade of my porch when I checked) and I decided to move my clothesline to take advantage of it. Saving the precious electricity for the AC units. And then spend 45 minutes at least in the heat and broiling sun trying to accomplish this task.

My great-grandmother always stretched her clothesline from the black walnut tree at the southwest corner of the house across the yard to a younger black walnut marking the start of the field. And she had a long (eight to ten feet) aluminum hollow pole with a notch in one end. That propped up the middle of the clothes line to keep the clothes off the grass.

That pole has since disappeared. And the rope clothesline I have stretches horribly under the weight of wet clothes. My uncle came out to help me and we rigged up a fiberglass pipe to act as the pole. And it worked great until the clothesline rope stretched and dropped the pipe and all to the ground.

So now my chest itches where the fiberglass touched it and I have to add clothesline paraphernalia to my shopping list that will probably have to wait until after school money comes in. I'm anticipating August 30th. Yeah, everything says it'll be there sooner than that, but they have screwed with me all summer thanks to that. I'm going to take a shower, figure out so way to play music CDs (the computer is being bitchy about it, and the DVD player is acting oddly--probably time to replace it--and the radio no longer plays CDs or tapes), and start working on the Educators' Guide.

Give me about an hour and I'll probably be on IM if anybody feels like chatting.

Update: Chad's pushing the first teacher's workshop to December. So I don't have to do a crazy writing marathon for the next three weeks. Which I think was fueling the whole "it's so overwhelming I can't work" vibe.

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