Sunday, August 05, 2007

So what's wrong with you?

Ever spent much time and energy and worry that you are the only one who feels this way and you must be seriously mentally ill to feel that way when you know it isn't true? Then find out, you're not the only one who feels that way and if the numbers are right, somebody is spiking the water supply or it's societal training.

Yeah, I got a brainwave this morning. I was reading links I had opened yesterday from Rant 42: Cut and Run on women's weight training. Impostor syndrome, I think I have mentioned feeling like an impostor in some of my free-wheeling, I'm-too-fucked-up-to-be-worthy-of-life spiels. Mistress Krista's link lead to this site: Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome. I think my mouth feel open for a while.

It doesn't hit all the time--and this past month has been pretty good for not getting hit by any of it--but I'd be lying if I thought that I was cured. This site is staying on my read-a-lot list for a while.

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There is a new renaissance festival in Louisiana! Check out the Acadiana Medieval Faire at:

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MerylF said...

Good to see! Read more therapy :)