Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Title for the first week of school

I'm thinking it should be titled "All good plans and intentions go flying out window instead."

So this is my big shout-out apology if it has looked like I was ignoring or procrastinating in responding to my friends. Most of my downtime this week has been spent reading homework, driving, or making grunts while looking at a computer screen. Friday was the soonest I felt closest to normal. And Mom about ruined that by trying to include me in the conversation while Doctor Who was on. One show I am currently obsessed with trying to see every single episode (and this is a huge reduction from my heyday and thank the Powers That Be for the invention of DVD box sets by the season) and that makes me an ungrateful bitch for wanting one-hour of TV without any distractions.

Mom hasn't called me any names about it, but it has happened twice now since Dad started the night job. And I have nothing against catch-up time (and I do make time for it), but how do I tell her Doctor Who is sacred time when it's just sci-fi crapola in her opinion? Which is doubly ironic because I'm not derogatory about her choice of genres. Some stories within them I own.

That's it, I think. Next time I get the "why don't you want to have kids?" questions, my answer will be, "I don't want to turn into my mother." It's been coming up a lot recently. I think my coworkers have me pegged as the next one to start breeding because I'm 30 and haven't done it yet.

I like my coworkers and I love my mother, but I am so glad I can lock myself into my house and recuperate this weekend. Everyone needs recharge time.

Plans for this weekend:
  • Clean office - books are stacked everywhere and several projects are literally buried.
  • Computer stuff - take care of BookCAT, do a hard drive clean-out, back up everything.
  • Finish money stuff - got school money in finally, pay off debts, really put budget into action.
  • Clean house - kitchen, bathroom, laundry
  • Play with wood - fix the stuff that needs fixing
  • Writing - if I don't get the seven hours in this week, figure out how it starts next week, set-up study cabal again
  • Go shopping - after money is taken care of so I don't go squealing off budget as I am wont to do
  • Homework - self-explanatory
I think that's my most pressing concerns right now.

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