Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iron Experiment Day 8 and Day 9

I bought the 160 pound weight set last Friday (August 24th). This week has been readjusting the schedule to fit in workout time before rushing to work. Today was the first day I was actually able to weight lift, and I only ended up doing half a workout. Better than the none I got with the start of classes.

Week 11 = 187.8
Week 10 = 188.9
Week 9 = 193.3
Week 8 = 194.5
Week 7 = 194.5
Week 6 = 194.5
Week 5 = 195.5
Week 2 = 199
Week 1 = 205

Problem one: getting up on time. Slowly working the kinks out of that one.
Problem two: changing the exercises I do in a workout to fit with the equipment I have at home. I think I have everything now, though my home Swissball presented a challenge to the feet more than the abs. (Bare feet equals no traction to work with.)
Problem three: setting new max reps. I'm slow and sluggish in the morning and didn't want to do math to figure out which weights added up to what total I needed. But once I knew at what weight to workout, workout went fine until I ran out of time.

Problem three also means that I redid my 12-week periodization chart, basically starting over. My max reps didn't change too much, except squats (I can lift weight with them now!). And my workout week tallies start with Wednesday. I'm probably going to do an extra two days at week one so I can start week two on a Monday. (On the other hand, I really suck at getting up on Mondays.)

How schedule looks now:
Monday: home workout
Tuesday: yoga class
Wednesday: home workout
Thursday: yoga class
Friday: off
Saturday: gym workout

I'm going to try to keep one day a week at the gym for lat pulldowns and cable rows, which I can't duplicate at home, and I feel better target the muscles in my back that give me so much back pain.

The issues with the daily schedule: trying to squeeze workout, chores, and getting dressed all before leaving at 6am to get to work. Workout nor chores at night doesn't work. By the time I get home, I'm usually at the brain-is-off-now-please-leave-message state. Waking up earlier just sucks, even if Mustard thinks I should be up at 2:30am to feed him.

New 1RPM with free weights
Bench press = 45.5
Squat = 45.5
Dumbbell shoulder press = 20
Bicep curls = 20
Dumbbell row = 20
Calf raises = 20

bar = 15.5
dumbbell handle = 5.0

Today I started getting back into the rhythm starting over the periodization with the new RPMs.

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