Monday, August 13, 2007

Iron Experiment Day 5

Week 9 = 193.3
Week 8 = 194.5
Week 7 = 194.5
Week 6 = 194.5
Week 5 = 195.5
Week 2 = 199
Week 1 = 205

It finally budged! Biology sucks for weight loss when you're a woman.

Workout didn't happen today, after I had already planned to stay with the weights I have for reps for another week until I can complete three full workouts. I had to make up some time at work, so I left late and then had to stop and get gasoline. It was 6pm by the time I reached my home exit, it would have been 6:30pm reaching the gym, and they throw everyone out at 7pm. I put out the trash though; that has to count for something. I think this is the last week of the severely shortened schedule. Classes start August 20th, and then it's another issue about going to the gym.

But I got dealt an emotional shock that caused me to lose my appetite for lunch and supper. I forced down Brussels sprouts once I got home. Fasting in moderation is good for you, so I'm just considering it that.

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Mrs. Ladybug said...

...What happened hon'?

MerylF said...

Hope it wasn't too much shock.