Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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Websnark: Of course, this all discounts the deep joy some people get at railing against the man in as dramatic a way as possible. For those people? I say "by all means carry on."

I never really got on the Live Journal crazy. Friends convinced me to start a blog, I went with Blogger, I figured out how to do backups, and never really looked at anything else. And now after the breastfeeding pictures icky thing and now this, I'm glad I'm not on LiveJournal.

And the Right Reverend Wishlish in the comments makes a valid point about hosting your own content (or paying for hosting same difference). While I don't feel the need to migrate from Blogger at this time, I can if I need to.

But my first thought upon reading all of this was: "This is why I do Alt. Biker Mice Site." It's not the only reason, but slashfic deserves a place too. If you personally don't want to read something, that's fine. But you can't impose your taste upon everyone else, that's censorship. Art gets trickier, but you can still take steps to shield unsuspecting eyes.

And SixApart has hurt a lot of people, which could have been avoided had they handled it better. (All the same, I'm glad the fandom I'm heavily involved in has characters above the age of minority.) I'm not sure how the argument "it's their property, they can do what they want" holds water now. Contracts can't be changed online without notice, court rules. But even that doesn't change the fact that SixApart dropped the customer service ball and LJ users should be taking procautions to protect your words and images. And that's just good advice for all things online.

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