Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scheduling Woes

I feel guilty when I don't write daily. Which is typically giving license to beat up on myself because I don't write daily. However, looking over everything and my current emphasis on exercising more and sleeping and school work and keeping the house decent, there is no time for writing.

Taking a sabbatical doesn't really help me become more productive on the writing front. And I'm notorious about using my lunch hour productively. I just don't. Lecturing myself has not changed a thing. If I write, it's on blogs and not real writing. (Not to dismiss any writers whose format of choice is blogs.)

So the weekends. I haven't gotten much further than that, one day will have to have at least seven hours of writing product in it.

But for a bonus, I got my study cabal back and the Library now has decent Saturday and Sunday hours.

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MerylF said...

Hooray for Study Carrels.