Monday, October 02, 2006

Homework and Weekend Update

Why do I even plan anything else with cooking and shopping day? I had to put both together on Saturday, since I went to Lafayette on Sunday. From 8 a.m. to noon, I shopped. Cooking lasted from 1:30ish to nearly 9pm when I finally got to eat a supper dish I made. And no I didn't get everything I planned for the week cooked.

But my expectations of the day were to shope a little while, vote, cook a little while, and devote a large chunk of the day to writing. Go ahead, I'll wit while you laugh. Sunday was a grat day off from everything though, so I really don't regret the mess of Saturday.

Except that I am left with a crapload of homework to catch up on. Namely, I'm supposed to be working on writing up impressions on the Tempest from the First Folio and probably Sanctuary too.

I'm also working on getting old posts in Discipline Under Fire and the Garb Closet labeled. That's going about as fast as could be expected. :p But it makes it a lot easier to find stuff now. This one I'm not delving backwards too much with. Only labeling previous exercise posts and current additions.

Also feeling so much better, I have to winder if my ill moods were caused by dehydration.

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