Monday, October 16, 2006

Catching Up on Everything

Things to do:

  • get donated items out of my house

  • get paperwork in order

  • get office picked up

  • finish Faulkner homework

  • start Project 2

  • clean bathroom

  • get rid of empty boxes

  • clean up back bedroom

  • clean off back porch

  • work on Educators' Guide

  • work on novel

My year-long challenge for Zy's Novel is over and I only wrote 15, 379 words. I'm going to start a new marathon; I like the way it keeps track of things and give myself another year to finish the novel. My working strategy will be continue with writing a page a day and type it up on Friday. By Friday I usually want to do something different any way.

And yeap, the word are flowing freely now that I flunked the marathon. :p

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1 comment:

Mez said...

Lol! Pressure's off and words are flowing ;P