Monday, October 09, 2006

Overcoming Fears Part 2

Principle 2 - talk to your body. Spend quiet time trying to find out what it's telling you.

The focus exercise actually did help allievate the tension in my shoulders. And all I was doing was saying hello.

Principle 3 - Two kinds of fear: Fear 1 magnifies danger and vulnerability while minimizing your sense of competence. Fear 2 mobilizes your whole being for effective action. You need to change Fear 1 into Fear 2.

List of Distinctions

  • Fear 1 promotes panic and confusion. Fear 2 promotes clarity and purpose.

  • Fear 1 is often about saving face. Fear 2 is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Fear 1 triggers avoidance of the facts. Fear 2 heightens awareness and perception.

  • Fear 1 wants you just to stop. Fear 2 wants you to move forward powerfully and safely.

  • Fear 1 magnifies danger and vulnerability. Fear 2 calls on our capacity to respond to danger.

  • Fear 1 originates in our ego mind. Fear 2 is a whole-system response.

I added some more fears, stuff that doesn't come up as often and I think I have a handle on. Now I have to figure out which are Fears 1 and which are Fears 2.

  • Being alone. - Fear 1

  • Being unloved. - Fear 1

  • I'm a horribly selfish person and no one should be with me. - Fear 1

  • I can't write; it's all garbage. - Maybe both

  • I will never make anyone proud with what I write. - Fear 1

  • I'm just a hack writer who can only write fanfics. - Fear 1

  • I'm being used and let people take advantage of me. - Fear 1

  • No one appreciates everything I do. - Fear 1

  • I will never measure up, so why try? - Fear 1

  • If I hope for something big, it never succeeds. - Fear 1

  • Why should I have to do this stuff since I will never use the degree I'm earing in any field I'm in. - Maybe both

  • I'm invisible and no one takes me seriously. - Fear 1

  • I can't stop beating up on myself--if I keep beating myself up, I'll force a change. - Fear 1

  • I'm worthless because I can't change. - Fear 1

  • Snakes are going to bite me and I'm going to die or lose a limb. - Fear 2

  • If I'm impaired behind the wheel, I will crash the car. - Fear 2

  • If I don't go to work, I'm going to be penniless and on the street. - Fear 2

Majority are Fear 1s. I'm really not surprised. Would I being having an issue with self-sabotage if I wasn't grabbing hold of the Fear 1 balloons?

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