Friday, October 06, 2006

So what is the problem?

Nutty-flavored oatmeal. I just can't get used to it. Oh I understand, you add the LSA powder to add protein and essential oils and make it a balanced meal. Right, but the oatmeal tastes nutty, not bad just nutty. I don't anticipate it becoming my favorite breakfast item for the next seven weeks.

Now with that nutty introduction done, great advice on dealing with your editor. And seguing into current writing stuff: I'm having problems working on it at work. I look at the blank screen and go do something else. *Sigh* I such at disciplining myself. I got a few paragraphs done during class, so maybe it's the blank screen. Maybe I need the long hand right now. And maybe it will all be better once I've offically flunked the marathon tracker. Nothing like a lttle self-sabatogue.

Anyways, I'm gong to see if I can get the current draft up at Writerly. No, it's not ready for editing, but if you want to see where it has gone since Pen and Paper days, leave a comment to that fact and I'll get you added to it. At least I think I can do that, still learning the Writerly system.

Once I get those chapters up, I think I'm going to work with long hand for today and see if that breaks up this block which is not really a block. I really wish I knew what to call it besides I'm a defective writer. Calling me names doesn't help.

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