Monday, October 30, 2006

Recap for those coming in late

10/26/06: Outlined problems and plans tot solve them.
10/27/06: Executed plans to differing degrees of success.

10/28/06: A bloody day off! Mostly off! It didn't start out well. I couldn't get up out of bed. Then I was into Educators' Guide's edits when I had to stop at about 9:30am, to leave and run my errands. Went to Albany but that bank branch was closed. Remembered I forgot blue lipstick. Went back home for blue lipstick. Then went to Denham Springs' Wal-Mart for returns and last minute shopping items. Then had to find bank branch in Denham Springs. That was luck. I finally made it to Lafayette about 1pm, feeling frazzled and needing lunch.

After lunch, we made it to Jackie's house about 2pm. From their we helped her and her mom get the haunted yard ready. Pretty soon people trickled in. I finally started getting into costume at 6pm. It took 3 people to get the snakes in my hair. I hope I can managed it all by myself tomorrow. But I looked fabulous. I'll post pictures later.

The huanted house was a bust. It was UL at Lafayette's homecoming game and we had 6 customers total = 3 walk-throughs. But the party was a blast-ola. I don't know when we left, probably at midnight. It was after promising people we would taken them out to the site on Sunday.

10/29/06: Sunday morning had no phone calls to see the site, so I headed on home. Reached home about 11:30am. Dived into week 10 assignment, followed by Educator's Guide edits. Came up to eat and answer the phone. Chad called to report that after he and his mother got back from doing the gravesite tending stuff, people called and they ended up doing the trip out there about 1pm.

And yeah, it's taken me about three days to type all this up. I've been busy! I also found a new webcomic last night after I signed off of editing for the night: And Shine Heaven Now. It's a Hellsing fancomic, and yes they are doing a crossover with Mystery Inc (otherwise known as those meddling kids). And the fangirl attack storylines are hysterically amusing even without knowning the personalities involved. And you don't have to know the in and outs of Hellsing to appreciate it. I don't; it's on my list of animes to get. Though now reading the extra stuff, I think I want the manga too. The art has come a long way too if you do an archive crawl like I did.

There I think I'm all caught up now. I'll trying to get pictures and numbers on the work posted next time I'm here.

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