Friday, October 27, 2006

Follow up to Problems and Plans

Lunch time and I've accomplished:
Week 9 assignment
Week 6 assignment
halfway done with week 8 assignment
Medieval science edits done on paper

Left to do:
Week 10 assignment is a page from Educator's Guide
Discussion Board catch up

Then I'll be able to concentrate totally on the Educators' Guide. I probably won't have gym time today, because I have to get the changes in the computer. I'll have to speed wolk through the stores.

1:26pm: Thank dog for a slow day at work. I've finished everything homework-wise that I needed to catch up on. Concentrating on the paying gig and my next free time: Educators' Guide.

5:30pm: My first stop had snakes! I wiped Party Paradise out of $1.50 snakes. Now I just have to figure out how to get them to stay on my head. Currently stuck in traffic. Since they actually said the wreck was at the Springfield/Albany exit; it must be bad. Baton Rouge radio notorious for pretending traffic doesn't exist past Walker.

I didn't get the rest of the edits as clearly wrote out as the Medieval Science section because I didn't pack reference materials for them. Oops. But I honestly expected to be all day on homework. Well, I'll have time to work tonight if I ever get past the traffic. Even with sewing a Greek chiton.

Bank is out tonight, and I decided to take some stuff bought at Wal-Mart back. Need press on nails. Will fo to Wal-Mart after chiton is done. That way if Hammond is a no go, I can swing by Denham Springs and do it.

Need to shape eyebrows; don't want to look like I don't have any (why I don't have it done at a salon).

5:53pm: Oh, now the radio explains. They are diverting traffic to Holden exit, which is where I was going to get off. Damn, it must be bad. Also need chapstick added to shopping list.

6:20pm: Home finally. Once we got past gawking at the idiots who got thmselves stuck in the median trying to get to the westbound lanes of the Interstate, the diverting and wreck was gone.

Sewed chiton. Typed out Medieval Science edits. Went to bed.

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