Thursday, October 26, 2006

Problems and Plans

Problem #1: I refuse to pay $129 for a Medusa costum that doesn't A) give you gold plated jewelry or B) a full wig of fake snakes. So I have to sew something up by Saturday night. Making a Greek toga (I know that's not the right term but forgive my laziness) won't be a problem and I already have the material; toy snakers are. I can't find any.

Tomorrow: visit Party City or Party Paradise on Drusella. Visit Halloween store in Hammond Square Mall. Visit Big Lots. Visit all dollar stores in the Hammond area.

Problem #2: Loathe as I am to admit it; Chad is right. I'm going to have to find a stopping point of new material on the Educators' Guide, pretty up the remaineder, and put it all together. Once that is done, the activity book needs to go together as a seperate file.

So what has been started but not finished:

  • The Cover

  • Declarations

  • Welcome Section

  • Add Edward III's family tree to History section and take stuff that is a job and not a class in the Class section.

  • Medieval Pastimes section - Add Gregorian chant to Music. Add Mystery Plays. Change the Games section to reflect, Indoor, Outdoor, and Betting. Add stuff about Fools Day to Faire and Markets section.

  • Medieval Science - edit Agriculture and Inventions sections.

  • Medieval Vocabulary - is actually Middle English and I have to see what Wade (our cast director) has put up on Middle English.

  • Make sure Glossary, List of Illustrations, and Bibliography are up to date.

  • Merge new Food and Cooking section into existing Medieval Life. Also move job stuff from Class section.

And I have more homework to catch up on. And a Halloween hund raiser I promised to be Medusa for Saturday. And work. No, I haven't got a lot more done on Zy's novel. Sucks don't it?

Plan of attack: Friday: Pack homework and Welcome and History sections. Between assignments, mock up the edits necessary. Do banking between shopping stops. After shopping trip, mock up Medusa garb. After that, make edits on computer.

Saturday: Wake up at 4am. Get chores done. Get dressed. Work on Educators' Guide until 10am. Drive to Lafayette for haunted house and party set up.

Sunday morning: go home. Make sure all homework is ready for Monday. Work on Educators' Guide till bedtime.

Hopefully that will see that part finished and I can whip up the activity workbook in a week. Need to ask how many CD copies we'll need. I don't want to burn on my computer; it's been acting wonky the last few times.

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