Monday, October 09, 2006

Overcoming Fears Part 1

The firs step is listing fears and acknowledging them without grabbing hold of them. F.E.A.R. stands for "Fantasy Expectations Appearing Real" and Molly Gordon suses the visual image of the fear is a hot air ballon that has drifted down in front of you. You grab hold of it and you're out of control, going everywhere. (That's a metaphor I can relate to.) But you don't have to grab on to the balloon.

That bears repeating: you don't have to grab hold of the balloon.

I'm going to share my list of fears/negative thoughts. Disclaimer: You, the reader, are simply a witness. I'm playing with how it is to acknowledge my fears without being pulled off center by them. I am not asking for help and I'm not looking for advice. Please just read and acknowledge me for being conscious of my fears.

  • Being alone.

  • Being unloved.

  • I'm a horribly selfish person and no one should be with me.

  • I can't write; it's all garbage.

  • I will never make anyone proud with what I write.

  • I'm just a hack writer who can only write fanfics.

  • I'm being used and let people take advantage of me.

  • No one appreciates everything I do.

  • I will never measure up, so why try?

  • If I hope for something big, it never succeeds.

  • Why should I have to do this stuff since I will never use the degree I'm earing in any field I'm in.

  • I'm invisibleand no one takes me seriously.

  • I can't stop beating up on myself--if I keep beating myself up, I'll force a change.

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