Friday, October 13, 2006

Boo! Early I Know

So it's Friday the 13th in October. Say something for the poor Templar Knights and Jason Vorhees. But today is Friday and a payday, and that's enough to lift any supersticious dread.

What's on the agenda today? ANother page of writing, finish and email my midterm, off to the library to get books on medieval sceicen, and shop for groceries that I won't have time to cook (might be best to wait on those). Oh I found an E-book in the library to read: A Question of Evidence: the Casebook of Great Forensic Controversies, from Napoleon to O.J.. Let me get cracking while stuff is slow around here.

9:33am: Done with midterm.

1:19pm: Oops, still reading the Ebook. Really good book, but being in the Elibrary, I only have so long to read it.

2:27ppm: My checkout time expired before I finished it. :p So I'll be good and concentrate on fiction for the rest of the day.

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