Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday already?

Monday is a big blur of trying to get homework done, and not really succeeding. I need to catch up in History of the Book and get started on its Project 2.

I'm too rushed to figure out what day this would be for my Back on the Track. I've been off for two weeks and it's time to get my butt back in the gym and get resettled in my routine. I'll probably end up coming home and working for 3 hours on the Educators' Guide, but I'm on a deadline with it.

14 and a half laps was my 30 minute average. On the first week of the Walk of Life program I'm at 30 minutes still, so I need to get more laps in to up my aerobic output. So I need to get 16 laps.

Back to the gym, Educators' Guide, budget update, update my monthly and weekly totals: my plans for tonight. Today: homework, Zy's Novel, work.

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