Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Things I've Noticed

This is going to be a schizo post. I've jotted down a few things over the week, had a weekend trip to talk about, then BAM! when I got to work this morning. A former student worker's sister, who also worked at the Department of Insurance in another office) had gotten into a bad wreck at 1am this morning. She was on top of an Interstate overpass, was ejected from the car, and fell thirty feet to the street below. She's in critical care and I know I don't have the full list of everything that is wrong, but the medics are saying her chances are good because she is young and strong without previous medical conditions.

It hits some of my coworkers harder. Their mother worked for the Department until she died, so both girls have been raised by the working village.

So on that note, here comes my notes on the previous week.

April 22: The albatross is off my neck and the words are flowing a little more free. Only it's not official yet. But apparantly telling myself I'm going to quit is enough to get creative juices flowing again. I finally came up with credible motivation for the villain in Strix, a character trait that had elude me for months. The ethnography is pulling teeth to make the daily word count. I'm going to outline how I want to cover the details tonight and maybe that will help.

April 23: Damn, I guess Amazon doesn't worry too much about stealing identities on their accounts, I just spent ten minutes changing my email address from Hotmail to GMail. It should never take that long to do that.

Also I didn't sell any of the books I put up for sixty days. Which means I'm free to put them out at the garage sale first and see if any of them will go. So in the next two week I'll have to purge my shelves.

I just did a Big Rocks tally. Out of nine items for this week that I have to do, I have finished five including the biggest and most involved: writing out my plans for FanFiction Garret on paper. Holy crap! And I was impressed I'm keeping up with my daily word count for the ethnography. I'm downloading and reading some books from WOWIO tonight. I deserve it. Okay, I just finished all the daily MITs for today! *Happy dance*

Have I not told anybody about WOWIO? Free ebooks and free ecomic books. There is a limit to what you can download and you have advertisement in the files, but that pays the creator of the book. A lot of the webcomics I read have switched to using WOWIO.

April 27: Went to Festival Internationale in Lafayette Saturday and discovered I don't play well in herds and I feel like I'm being a total grump when my schedule is disrupted. I'll never be invited back to anything because I'm turning into a grumpy old man who yells at kids on my grass.

Then on the other hand I introduced them to Pink Five. They'll love me forever.

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