Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Monday Already?

I'm not completely sure where this weekend went. I went shopping and hurt my budget. And then I cooked. I still have a pot of beef stew and a container of the whole pot roast that need to be divided up. Even though most of the cooking was done with crockpots, I don't know what possessed me to cook five meals. Tonight, I have to finish dividing and freezing meals, and washing dishes. No, the channeling Betty Crocker episode did not end in a spotless kitchen.

My grandmother should be checked out of the hospital and the only long-term care facility that handles IVs. She's going to be on drip antibiotics for the rest of the month because infection has set into her bone on her leg or maybe her foot (my memory is fuzzy), but it is responding to the treatment. Her mind is getting worse. Uncle Scott calls everyday, but by the time Mom talks to her in the evening, all she can do is complain about Uncle Scott never talks to her. I file this under her tendency to play manipulative games and determination to drive Mom crazy before she dies.

My sleep schedule maybe on the road to recovery. I cut back to only one can of caffeinated drink on Sunday. I had to take a Tylonel PM for the withdrawal headache be bedtime, but I woke up closer on time than I have for the past two weeks. Yeah!

Now to work out a schedule for projects, deadlines really. I don't do will with scheduling this day for this project carried through the week and I'm doing equally not well with just finish it when you finish it. Yeah this is what Big Rocks and daily MITs are supposed to cover; guess what I fell off the doing wagon with?

And to end with wild turkey. And not the whiskey either. My Friday April 11th workout ended up being done while the neighbor's offspring were out waiting for their school bus. Soon I heard one of them yell "wild turkey! Wild turkey!" Thinking "she's old enough to come up with worse insults than that," I continued my workout until I heard a gobble.

Sure enough, there was a turkey across the street strutting across the tree-studded lawn. I didn't really think much about it. The kids got on their bus. I figured the turkey was probably an escapee from someone's coop and wished him luck as I went on my day.

Sunday morning, Mom calls me. "Bring your camera quick. We gotta a turkey in the back yard!"

"Wow, he managed to cross the street." I didn't get a photo because my uncle's dog decided to bark the bird into the tree line. We did see its beard though and identified it as a male.

Monday evening, Uncle Scott caught a glimpse of a second one, a hen in my backyard. There has been a lot of construction and logging going on toward the river, and this is probably what has drove the turkeys to our yards. Because Pumpkin Center has never been prime turkey hunting country before. Mom's planning on putting out oatmeal for them, and hopefully they will nest nearby.

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