Friday, April 11, 2008

Number Crunching 119

Quicken Cash Flow = 253.05

Course this is before I went shopping. Next Friday's review will be brutal.

I ran a check on how much medical I spent so I can change my FSA amount. Since my teeth were an unexpected emergency, I took that amount out of the equation and came up with $1900.00. I finished that paperwork, and then used the IRS withholdings calculator to see if I needed to change my W4. It came back that I didn't because I should only overpay $100, unless I actually manage to make other deductions. I initially said no to putting anything in the IRA and whatever else the calculator asked for. If I have a miracle upswing during the year, that could change.

I'm also getting sued. My insurance company assures me they a) won't drop me because of it and b) this happens all the time in Louisiana because paperwork isn't finished by the time the year deadline rolls around and a suit keeps it open. I find it a little demoralizing and more stress I don't need.

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