Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Breaking the silence to tell you guys about Revolution Money Exchange. From their website because I'm tired and can't phrase it better:
Easily exchange money online.
MoneyExchange is the new way to send and receive money online between MoneyExchange accountholders. It’s a great way to exchange money with friends, colleagues, or online sellers. Share restaurant, travel, or household expenses. It’s easy, secure and, best of all, it’s FREE to register and FREE to send and receive money between MoneyExchange accountholders.

Secure transfers.
With so many leading-edge security features built right in, security comes second nature to MoneyExchange. A PIN is required when you send money from your MoneyExchange account and transfers are processed safely and securely. Click here to learn more about our security features.

Your wallet will thank you.
Best of all – it’s FREE

* FREE to register for an account
* FREE to add money to your bank account
* FREE to send money
* FREE to receive money
* FREE to request money
* FREE to transfer money to your bank account
* A transaction fee applies for check withdrawals, check stop payments, paper statements, ACH returns, and overdrafts. See Schedule of Fees and Accountholder Agreement for more information.

For every referal, I get $10. If you sign up before May 15th, you get $25. I already have mine and I'm planning on adding this payment method to Alt. BM Site and the new site I'm working on.

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