Friday, April 11, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 08

Wow, I did 25 reps of Breaststroke level 1! That's the ball pilates exercise I do for back extensions.

Now don't get me wrong. I love pumping iron compared to other exercises. I'm in this for my health, ultimately. However, the vain part of me wants some body sculpting results. It's also locked in with the impatient part of me who wants the results now!

My butt is the perkiest it has ever been. Buns of steel are probably not in my genetic makeup, so I will settle for glutes that will help me kick ass if I need to. My stomach, however, doesn't seem to understand the program. Yeah, I know the chocolate cravings and giving into them doesn't help, but it's hard to stay motivated looking down at the gut that is still out past the boobs. I don't see my butt, so it doesn't work as a motivating body part.

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