Friday, April 18, 2008

Number Crunching 120

Quicken Cash Flow = -213.08

Well, I knew it was going to be bad. Especially after going shopping. *Sigh and I didn’t get anything I didn’t need!

It’s going to keep happening until I get a cash cushion. And I can’t get a cash cushion until it stops happening.

Good news: I think I have progress on my last student loan. If Sallie Mae is jerking my chain again, I have a solicitation from Chase for a student loan from them.

I complained about a beauty product that didn’t work, and got my money back. I’m waiting until payday so the deposit isn’t completely lost. Hollywood Casino is also luring me back with $5, something I earned while playing slots with Mom. So I guess that means I actually broke even with what I put in and got out of the machines.

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