Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 10

So much for getting up on time. I overslept this morning. But I got home at 5:15 pm, so I dressed and went out to the front porch and worked out.

Last week, Mom finally found her barbell. About three years ago, I had borrowed it to use while working out with Escape Your Shape but had returned it a few months later. Course about six months after that, Mom asked for the barbell back. "I already gave it back." Mom's answer, "Well, I can't find it." Repeat for two years. She found it finally and put it on my porch with the weight bench. So I decided that if my weights fitted on it, I would use it for my warm-up weight rather than trading weights on my barbell.

Mom freely admits that she bought a cheap-ass weight bench. The weights that came with it are plastic-covered concrete (I leave them on the bench to keep it weighted down). The barbell that came with it is hollow and only four-feet long. Mine is six-feet long and weighs at least 15 pounds. Mom's barbell worked for what I wanted it (my iron weights fitted on it) but it was hard to get it up on my shoulders for the squats. I'm undecided if working with it is less aggravating than changing the weights on mine and having to do math.

I also got up to thirty reps of Breaststroke level 1. I'm not going to switch to level 2 until after I reach fifty. But on today's, I noticed a strange pull in my shoulders I hadn't felt before. I don't know if my shoulders were just tired from the day at work or if I was doing something wrong. The ball needs airing up, along with my office ball. I have to remember to do that tomorrow.

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