Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random thoughts

Looks like it's another unexplainable slow day at work again. At least I get to catch up on checking in.

Finished "For Worse" and need to find beta readers. But I have been silent in the community for a while, I don't know if that will have an effect. And I feel guilty because I can't promise a trade situation with anyone because my time schedule sucks and will probably get worse.

I haven't heard back from North Oaks yet. I think I interviewed well, and the job would be a good fit, but if they would rather have someone who doesn't have to go through hoops to get trained, I understand. Just let me know something so I can put an application in somewhere else. It'll be a week on Friday. I think protocol says wait two weeks before bugging them.

I have heard from my car insurance company's attorney on the lawsuit. Waiting for a call back because I don't know if I was personally served or not. His letter said I shouldn't be, but my mother signed for my suit papers because I wasn't home. The whole thing is a little disconcerting, especially since I got my paperwork done before the year deadline. From what the insurance company told me, they settled the property damage part and will settle the medical once they get the paperwork. So don't worry about it. So I'm trying not to worry about it, but it is on my mind anyway.

My sleep schedule is kinda getting better. Meaning now I am waking up with the alarm clock, but I can't pull myself out of bed so I listen to the last hour of Coast to Coast AM in the dark. Unfortunately, the topics haven't been inductive to driving me out of bed. Whitley Stribner is on tonight. I think worrying about trying to see abducting greys with probes might get me to the light switch faster.

When I get the house's electricity rewired, I'm having an alarm times put on the light switch to my bedroom. Alarms should have lights. I'm a heavy sleeping and when tired enough can sleep through any noise. But I can't sleep with the lights on.

My grandmother has finally been moved. Her report is "You have put me in the crazy house." Because they are two paitents who screamed and moaned all the time "just like Hammond State School." (Since renamed and changed mission, but it was the long-term care institution for the mentally disabled ran by the state started back when they thought the best thing was to take them from their family and hide them from the world.)

Mom's reply: "Well, you worked there for thirty years, you should be used to it." My response to Mom: "She complains about everywhere. She even complained about being at your house. Don't take it personally." I need to go see her, but my schedule hasn't been open.

The schedule, ugh. How's that for a segue? I have to start planning it better. Starting with deadlines. The ethnography is due for a grade May 14, so I have to get cracking on that. I have the website project with writing tutorials, Strix, other website tweaks in the project que. And the amorphous paper due next semester to get me out of school that I haven't started even looking for it. And then there's the Faire, and improving health, and improving finances, and keeping the house clean enough.

Small wonder I'm getting those ack attacks. As in "ACK! TOO MUCH SHIT TO DO! NO TIME TO DO IT!"

While I'm no where at the levels Funny About Money was in, I think I'm going to work through her strategies to pinpoint what I can and cannot do anything about. Most of it is an anxiety that I'm wasting my time without addressing my dreams and goals. I have the introspection to look closer at it on schedule for tonight and probably tomorrow night on commercial breaks.

Course the easiest damn thing to do is quit the biggest aggravation. It's not my dream, I don't technically owe it anything and definitely not at my personal expense. For now, that option is off the table with the understanding that I can come back to it once certain conditions have been met. *Sigh*

One other note to myself before wrapping up: reroute all the website emails through GMail accounts to get rid of the spam. I'm really tired of Outlook not catching everything it should catch, and this seems like the easiest tweak. If it doesn't work, I have to rethink my whole email strategy.

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