Saturday, May 27, 2006

Up Early on a Saturday

9:30am Up since 7:30am. Ridiculous on a weekend. My body doesn't understand the concept of sleep-in.

With only a few minor hiccups, everything seems to be going pretty well on the Alt BM Site version 2.0. I'm almost at the stage to start making everything match and look pretty (otherwise known as messing with Cascading Style Sheets). Then a little beta testing as I upload version 1.0's content and we should be in business. *Knocking on wood.*

Today is going to be busy. I've already started the laundry, and would like to have 3/4ths of the house done before going to town for whatever supplies needed and X-Men 3.

I don't forsee much writing time, but if everything go smoothly, maybe by Monday.

11:00am Back bedroom mostly finished except for things I need to buy and set up.

  1. over the door hook

  2. industrial-strength garment rack because AMF garb is killing the one it is on. And I don't know how I ended up with all of it either.

  3. filing cabinet of a sort for the patterns. They have out grown two boxes now.

  4. Expanding foam or something to plug big hole next to the AC unit.

Next, figure out what to do with the extra furniture in my bedroom.

12:30pm Trying to knock yourself out with a bookshelf is a bad idea. Said bookshelf is now in the backbedroom, not really set up. But the only spots I have free in the other rooms have doors in them. :S

Don't really know where to go now. Kitchen, office, and living room are kind of overlapping messes at this point. Aggravating.

4:30pm Well the computer acted up, and I watched a movie for a couple of hours. Also out of washing detergent and couldn't finish the laundry. So I have shopping to do and a movie I want to go see and I don't feel like I've gotten anything finished. *Sigh*

Well I got X-Men 3 at 8pm, and I need to get cleaned up and take care of the shopping.

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