Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Creating May Goals

Been keeping an eye on Southern Expressions and decided I like her monthly goal list. And I'm trying to get more diligent about making and keeping deadline, setting up a writing schedule, articulating it all to set positive force of the universe in line with it, etc.

First list:

  • Write Dante 10-page paper

  • Take Dante final

  • Submit "The Rose"

  • Submit "Father's Love"

  • Submit "Dreams of the Dead"

  • Finish editing "The Blue Man on the Porch"

  • Finish editing "Covenant of the Restless

  • Finish three chapters in Zy's Novel

  • Write 5000 words in Canterbury Murder Mystery

  • Write 5000 words in AMF 2007 Resource Guide

Now other than the three submits, how realistic is this list? Probably not very, my habit of overscheduling myself. I need to set reasonable goals.

And sometimes putting exactly what you need Googles what you need. In this case, an article by Lazette Gifford on "Setting Reasonable Goals". My answers to some of her questions:

#2: Will you write everyday?

I want to, but recognize other things have a habit of getting in the way. So I will start this experiment with weekly goals added together for monthly goals.

#3: What other commitments do you have?

Need to go to gym an hour and half (at least) everyday.
Need to start cooking and prepackaging lunches and dinners--one day during the weekend for this and other chores.
Paying job is Monday - Friday 6am - 5pm counting the average commute.
Would like to schedule two hours a week for sewing.

#4: Are the people you live with supportive?

No, Mustard insists on sitting right in front of the computer monitor or on the notebook everytime I sit in my office chair. The boyfriend doesn't live with me and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to visit either so his needs are thrown out of the equation.

#5: How much worldbuilding and outling do you do?

I think I need a better way to save my notes. I have trouble finding them. But nothing--except the Dante paper and Canterbury Murder Mystery--is starting from scratch.

#6: Besides word/page count, what other goals?

I like sending two manuscripts out a month.

#7: And what about rewrites?

Yeah, edits need to be counted as a separate goal. I should dedicate at least one writing period a week to just working on edits.

#8: Reading

I really don't have to schedule that in. *Sheepish grin*

#9: Goals for rest of your life.

I guess boyfriend and parent time fit here, but the idea makings me say "damn it." My mother dumped to much sister crap on me. For this month, I'm ignoring them.

So I've five writing goals for totally new words.

  • I need to write 3000 words a week to finish Zy's Novel by October.

  • I need to write 620 words a week to finish AMF 2007 Resource Guide by September.

  • I need to write 1250 words a week to finish the Canterbury Murder Mystery by July.

  • Not counting Dante paper or final 'cause after next week they won't matter.

So the weekly total of words at this point = 4870 words. Don't start shouting "you can do it!" The point is to reach my goals and not have a burnout, coronary or anuerism.

Two stories are on the editing block. Right now, I've gotten the new direction on "Blue Man" started, so that's what I'll finish in May.

And I like sending just two stories out for submission that way, I already have something ready to go for June.

Now let's chart out the daily schedule. (May 5th: Got tired of how much room it was taking up in the post and wanted color. Click the link to see the prettier version.)

Schedule is designed for after classes are done, but before physical therapy ends. I hate scheduling every minute of the day, but I'm equally tired of false expectations of what my writing output can be. Once I lose the weight I need to, I can scale back on how many days are spent in the gym. And physical therapy won't last forever. I'm exhausted at the end of the day, so my writing time is 4 am Monday - Sunday, with extra time as needed on Saturday and Sunday. And I found one more hour available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So how many words can I write in an hour? I think I can manage 400 words, but I haven't timed myself. 400 words x 8 = 3200 words (1 writing period for editing), which leaves 1670 words for Saturday and Sunday.

*Perks up* Now the total of what I need feels managable. It didn't when I tallied the numbers. One hour a week for editing, I can get the submissions ready on Saturday/Sunday to mail out on Monday. Now you can start encouraging chanting.

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