Thursday, May 11, 2006

My first day on the new schedule

And I overslept. It's okay, I'll get on schedule soon enough. Tonight is my first night back at the gym in probably two months, so that will help.

I bought a 1GB flash drive for the laptop. Now I can do websuilding at work. *INSERT MANICAL LAUGHTER HERE* I just have to remember not to pull it out while anything is still open. I doubt I'll make that mistake again after the Dante paper fiasco. Now I just have to find out if the file uploader program will run without being installed to the server. I may have to run a closed test site for that. Anyways, that's lunchtime fun.

Here's a question? How many words can you put on a double-spaced page? I just need an average. I don't think I calculated the word count for the paper right.

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Meryl & Neil said...

About 300 words, times New roman 12pt and double spaced.