Monday, May 29, 2006

Three day weekend!

11:30am And I'm spending my free Monday cleaning. *SIGH*

Well I have gotten the doorway between the living room and office cleared again. It was blocked by the open sewing table filled with papers. Unfortunately most of the papers are now in the office for filing. If I could just grasp the concept of filing once a week, I wouldn't have a box full to do at once.

Consequently, I didn't get a chance yesterday to play with Alt. BM Site version 2.0. I'm hoping for tonight. It all depends on the progress I make.

2:00pm Well, I've gotten Chad's videos consolidated to one box, matching my box of taped videos and the box of audio tapes. The eventual goal is to move the movies/TV episodes to DVD format or find them on DVD to buy, and to make the audio tapes mp3s. I'm no where near ready to start on that project. Scanning papers is working fine, and I found another box of papers to go through. One note led me to Mononoke Hime, an anime music video by RYS set to "Real World" by Queensryche. I had fell in love with that video years ago, but alas my copy was not on my harddrive and the CD was lost. Now I have it all over again. JOY!

And I finally opened up Microsoft Outlook. Over 1500 messages and I think only 10 are worth keeping. I'm glad version 2.0 of Alt. BM Site will not need email addresses. Form feedback from now on. (Yes, all that spam from just the three addys I have with Alt. BM Site. Deletion and setting up the spam blocker is going to take hours.)

6:30pm Well, I have a living room of sorts back if you ignore the tall stack of empty boxes. And I'm tired.

7:30pm Finished the deletion of the Inbox. 1512 spam messages. And I started pecking at it this morning.

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