Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Librarian Mode update!

The replacement part for the shelving unit finally came in today. They sent the right peice in white. I bought oak shelves. I said "what the hell, this is ALL temporary until I build a library with permanent shelving!" and put it together anyway.

So I'm finished shelving books in my bedroom and now have a set of open pine shelves that I haven't found a place for yet. I thought both sets were going in the kitchen, but the current configuration only allows for one set. I still have to shuffle the fiction books in the office to the living room, make sure everything is shelved, and double-check the BookCAT entries. I have some books that have to be entered manually flagged (published before ISBN was created or mandatory for every book), but with the shuffling I've just done I know I messed that flagging system up.

I got all my Agatha Christie's in publication order and am miffed. I bought a short story compilation book, thinking it was all her short stories. Nope, only selected ones :p, so I wasn't able to weed out the falling-apart paperbacks. Many years ago, they put out a leather-bound, English titles set of at least all the novels (but it could have the short story collections too), with shiny gold lettering on the spine. My grandmother bought them, and no I'm not holding my breath to inherit them with the way the extended family has been lately. And a quick check with Amazon shows they aren't for sell anymore. Pity, too bad I was a broke high school student when they came out.

However I can still get this guy's work. Probably just in the books, since I can't afford his prints.

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