Sunday, May 14, 2006

*Sigh* Bad weekend

I'm still stuck on cleaning house. The goal is to finish it this weekend, so I'll have next weekend free when Chad comes in.

The house isn't cooperating. *pout*

But I want this
That will come in so handy, when my neighbors turn on their backdoor light that shines in the bedroom window.

I haven't had a chance to do any website playing or writing. I hate weekends filled with what I HAVE to do as opposed to what I WANT to do.

8pm Update: Got the kitchen rearranged and added a brevage only dorm fridge. What's left?

  • Kitchen: done except remainder of dishes, replacing table, and building plate rack

  • Office: Need to finish putting up books and filing papers that are currently in the living room. Books waiting on new bookshelf. New bookshelf waiting for me to call during business hours about broken part

  • Back bedroom: stuff on bed needs final dealing with. One more box to go through, maybe something bigger for filing patterns. WOuld like apothocary chest for magic tools. Oh and the bed, but I need another person for that, keeping the boxspring and matress up while fixing the metal support underneath it.

  • My bedroom: waiting on the new bookcase so I can switch around bookcases. Can probably hang the gold mirror over the dresser

  • Bathroom: needs new sink, new faucet for bathtub, will probably only get to mop it

  • Living room: *Twitch* Go through everything and decide where it needs to go. One piled high sewing table, 5 to 6 boxes, and stuff on couch *TWITCH*

In other news, I got Drupal upload or download or something. Anyways, I'm in the figuring out the behind the scenes stuff and why is that not working stage. I haven't even gotten to making it pretty. But that shouldn't be too far away.

To bed early tonight and sticking to the damn schedule.

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