Thursday, May 25, 2006

Behold the power of the internet

Or maybe that should be the "fury" of the Internet. As of 1:21 p.m. Central time today, 3,203 results come up in Google Blog search for Barbara Bauer. My post came in on page 6 of the search too.

I'm taking the day off from writing writing and working on the Alt. BM Site update. I figured out how to get the Tortures posted, but the title needs tweaking. I don't want all the posts under "T for Torture" on the Index page, but just having the number looks wrong. I did get the Index page double posting in the menu list fixed, and turned off the RSS feed stuff. Turns out it's for collecting RSS feeds not sending them out. I want to send them out.

I played with the Front Page module but had to turn it off, when I almost locked myself out of the site. I think that'll be fun tweaking after I get to fix the CSS stuff.

Next on tha agenda is figuring out the mature content. I haven't started on what Bek suggested to do, mainly cause I haven't had the time. Maybe this afternoon. Can't count on tonight, I need to go through another box in the living room. I did good last night. I repackaged three boxes kept in the office into two with more room while watching Two Towers and enjoying a hard granny smith cider. :D

Still don't like how the ents are protrayed. Considering that's my one gripe for the whole trilogy (you figure out the film hours), I guess it ain't too bad. But you can still have the ents on the fence so Merry can make his speech and have the ents knowing what's happening to their trees. What kind of a tree herder are you if you don't?

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