Monday, January 28, 2008

So bummed I can't concentrate on homework

I just got the word that SLU is sending my loan money back. I'm not enrolled in enough hours. So tomorrow morning, I have to go fight for it back instead of going to work. And go bitch to someone that I would have enough hours only nobody agreed to be my thesis director!

If I knew they were going to pull this shit, I would have enrolled in something to drop after I got my money.

It's just I was counting on that money so bad to get me in a better financial leverage. Dishwasher aside--because I can wait for it--I need to pay my parents back. I don't have enough income to make ends meet without the student loans.

And it galls me beyond belief that there is so many rules and regulations, do's and don't's on money I HAVE to pay BACK! My reform: you're in school, you attend classes, it doesn't matter how many, take out what you and the bank say you can afford. LIKE WITH EVERY OTHER FUCKING LOAN OFFERED IN THE NATION!!!!!!

Well, here's to me trying to read something.

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Cat said...

Jeez- you have my heartfelt sympathies, m'dear. I 've been going through tha same damn thing myself; I swear it's like they WANT to jerk you around and make you jump through hoops and make it all as difficult as possible. What the hell FOR?

Best of luck convincing them to give you your school money after all, (doesn't that phrase just look so WRONG?) I'll light a stick of incense and send a request to Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, to help you out; because if you're dealing with a bureaucracy, it'll take divine intervention to fix.

LOTS of hugs,

Cat :)