Monday, January 28, 2008

GTD: Hack Better Way to Track Projects

Been keeping the project list on Word, separate files for different things. And then keeping what I'm doing during the week and weekends online on Backpack. Moving things back and forth has gotten annoying.

43folders has lots of suggestions, but they are geared for Mac users. Me uses PC and Windows. (o flames about it, please.) I really need something online that I can print out. I like Backpack, except I feel I have too much double entry for projects. Backpack is best for reoccuring projects (like keeping track of weekly chores).

At lunch Friday, I went searching again, thinking I was going to have to set up a Wiki in order to keep the list organized, when someone said they used SimpleGTD and provided the link. Since I was looking at all the program names I found, I clicked over.

My mouth fell open with just how PERFECT it is for me. The printout has the checkmark boxes I have grown to love at Backpack. You list the project and the next actions for that project with the contexts, and selecting what to do is a simple click with the mouse. I spent the weekend moving stuff over from Word into it, and I'm already impressed.

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