Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, I'm done with classes this week at least

Thursday night class is canceled due to professor's confrence, so we moved discussion time to optional Tuesday night. 5 of us showed up. :p So now I just have to do the online stuff and then done with this week. I'll probably end up starting the final paper this week for the Faulkner class. And I need to find out what the expectations are for the third project in History of the Book.

Writing energy has consequently been sucked into school energy for the past couple of days. Today's a good day for getting back on track; icky weather. It's been bad since 3am. That's when I set the alarm because I needed to wash my hair, and it's been taking me an hour to get out of bed. The alarm went off and I was wide awake, not the typical stumbling fog that has been the morning routine for the past few weeks.


I hate daylight savings time. Though more factually, I hate the shifts between it and regular time that make my body's sleep cycle screwy. So now what? Force my body to get used to 4am (which it thinks is 5 and hey, you're not going to work SLEEP for 10 hours now!) or keep getting up at 3am and have an extra hour to do something with?

After Holly Lisle's recommendation: I think I want it: WriteItNow. Especially as I'm trying to build a zillion alien races for Zy's novel. Actually I'm pretty sure it's only 12 at this point but it seems like a whole lot more when you start losing notes.

So I'm speeding reading through Page After Page again to flag what I consider important points with the sticky Post-It plastic flags. And when I reread the part on focus; it raised a red flag that I only answered when I abandoned my daily scribble in notebook for blog trawl today.

I've lost my ability to focus without the big honking deadline flashing "danger Will Robinson!" over me.

I'm not so young any more, and I want to have a productive writing career, and the last minute PANIC sessions to get everything done are killing me slowly. I need to rediscover the focus writing grove. She has some suggested exercises that I'm going to start tonight. Right now, I need to struggle with this dreaded exposition in the text. I'm beginning to wish my bad guy wasn't so good at killing people.

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Mez said...

Dont worry about the exposition - just write!

Mez said...

I was about to give a mini-lecture on avoiding the bells-and-whistles of yet-another-writing-software-package and just writing, when I decided to skip over to HL's blog and see what she said.

My GOD that does sound good! I remember what a pain the noteswere for my last epic piece of rubbish. I would ADORE something like that.

So, forget the lecture :) If you buy it, let me know how it goes...

KLCtheBookWorm said...

But what I'm writing is the exposition? Actually, it's not the words but the making myself write them. The focus part.

The software: Actually I was considering putting it on my Christmas list. Mom was talking about getting Kai and Krista furniture and we had the whole "what do you want of equal value" conversation. So I'm thinking software and a new TV and maybe that will keep my mother out of the dining room table aisle. I don't know why it bothers her so much that I don't have one anymore. LOL