Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh yeah, it's Friday

You know it's a strange day when you have to remind yourself of that fact.

I'm down to the Medieval Vocabulary section, and figured this morning (after getting up late and in my hurry up and get dressed routine), take the stuff to work and rough out the edits on paper. That way I can put them in tonight and have all day Saturday to pretty up the layout, and combine into one huge file, and work on the Activity workbook. Get it all finished on Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend on a coloring orgy to give the brain a rest. I even figured out where to go buy Prismcolor color pencils at in Baton Rouge. (The page that convinced me.)

And I packed everything I needed but my flash drives. And I neglected to print out the latest version of Medieval Vocabulary. So I have no current record of what I have already changed. So all I've managed to get done is research. :p

I do have some other projects. Pages to do in Zy's Novel. Sticking in small Post-it tabs to pages I have highlighted in Stephen King's On Writing and Page After Page by Heather Sellers. Start reading Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud. That's research on the project that keeps tingling in the back of my brain, which I'm think to use as a carrot for Zy's Novel progress. (Yo brain, work on the novel during the week and I will give you a day off to explore the experimental idea.) Right now, my brain doesn't think I'm serious about it. Can't say that I blame it, but it's been putting me into a jam over deadlines lately.

I'm going to stick and read now, and maybe something will jar loose for Zy's Novel.

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