Monday, November 13, 2006

Just in case anyone is interested

Marvel 1602 is an eight part mini-series collected into one hardback. In it, Neil Gaiman starts the Age of Marvels 400 years early, and at the opening of the story, the world is in danger because it has started early. The Marvel characters interact with historical characters such as Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, and Virginia Dare.

The covers of each part become a full page panel. They’re done in a style called scratchboard, which looks like colorized woodcuts. The first real panel is an establishing shot of Dr. Strange walking down a castle corridor. The time and place header is enclosed in tan box with torn edges to resemble a manuscript. The other boxes are overheard conversation between Queen Elizabeth and Sir Nicholas Fury, who are introduced by sight before the end of the page. Most of these panels are action-to-action transitions with a few establishing panels and large panels of tight focus mixed in to add intensity.

The next location and a new set of characters are introduced via a page of aspect-to-aspect panels. The page is turned and you are given the full page panel of the scene given in just pieces before. Motion in one panel shown by phantom figures is used with Matthew Murdoch exclusively. Breaking-the-fourth-wall panels don’t start being used until Part Seven when the Grand Inquisitor reveals himself as Magneto. The use of those increases as the book gets closer to the climax. The artwork is done in a realistic style, almost like each panel is a painting, and supports the 1602 feeling for the entire book.

My week 12 assignment with a lot of Scott McCloud technical language.

The teachers' workshop was a success even though we only had 6 teachers show up. But as Chad pointed out, they were all excited about the Faire and they were all from schools that could easily bring 200 students. We had more sign up, but when you offer anything for free, they tend to decide at the last minutes it's not worth the effort We'll probably have another workshop in February.

Full week this week and I have to get back into the groove. And then next week is Thanksgiving and Chad at my house which will promptly unhinge it again. Oh well.

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