Sunday, November 05, 2006


Out of the 74 activities I had planned, I got 34 into the 2007 Workbook. 53 pages, 7930 words. Haven't calculated final time spent on the Educators' Guide project yet.

2007 AMF Educators' Guide Workbook Started with 1945 words

Progress Bar from Writertopia


Progress Bar from Writertopia

Other than looming deadline decisions, my scanner died was the other consideration for what activities went in. Anything needing to be scanned in (like the color your own illuminations) has to wait till next year.

Oh, I can get the pictures off the camera now. I really need to do that.

I still have to double check if I'm done with my homework. I think I'm done on the project part, and the way my brain feels right now, I'm going to have to save any reading for tomorrow. The dead scanner only slows down the coloring orgy a little bit. I actually have a spare. Chad insisted on keeping the 3-in-1 printer, scanner, fax machine that my Dad was getting rid of. He thought he could fix the printing part that had gone wrong. Well, he kept it at my house and I should get it hooked up and tested on Tuesday. Day off for elections. I go vote and I can play with the computer and do house work and do homework and burn CDs of the PDF files and WRITE my fiction!

Yes, my brain is fried and I finished off all the leftover Halloween candy this weekend. Why do you ask?

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