Monday, November 06, 2006

Assignment is done

No readings, I just had to type up an essay explaining why I did what I did. Now finished.

Oh and I did a goofy thing and added the totals of the Guide and Workbook together. Reason, well, when I came up with my 40,000 word goal they were both together. Separating became a good idea sometime in August. (It's still a good idea BTW.) Got 43,000 words and some change I can't remember. Now I just have to burn 52 CDs tomorrow without any hiccups.

And it's been a LONG time since I colored anything. Once I started printing pics out that I had been saving and making the stacks divided by artist in the living room, I decided I need to add it back in as stress relief. Haven't really worked out the details on that other than "color when you feel like tearing you hair out" or "color when you finish a project."

Anyways, after all that hype about an orgy and I only got one picture finished.

The new mousey version of me from BlackStorm done entirely in Prismacolor color pencils. I think I ended up crispier tan than I intended that color to be. So before I start on anybody else, I need to go shopping for more browns--really need taupe--and metallics--they must have hid silver from me at the store. I'm hoping to find those separate pencils in Hammond some where; I just don't when I'm going to have time to shop for them.

So I will be working on Zy's Novel today, whew! In other writing news, I want to create a vampire. He's actually been popping up in my head for a bit. I think it's probably due to the Hellsing fan-comic orgy I just experienced, but I might be able to work the vampire and his ghoul into my secret project.

So the vampire that's haunting my head wants to be different from the stereotypical vampire. Not inhuman monster; not sauve, sexy man, he wants to be a bumbler. He doesn't much like being a vampire and living forever and watching everyone he knows and loves dies. But he has a strength too, thinking the best way of getting rid of his undead life is to kill off his amoral/immoral sire. And his ghoul really didn't want to be his ghoul, he slipped her some of his blood so she could save both their asses. And he loves his ghoul even though she's exasperated by him most of the time. He offers to turn her because she'd make a much better vampire than he does, but she wants kids and grandkids if she could ever pick up a guy to settle down with while she's stuck with a whimpy vampire master and his sire that could kill them both.

I toyed with the vampire as being a friend of Allie's and Allie as his ghoul. I loved the dynamic, but he needs something beyond fanfiction and a ghoul who is fixtated on the hypothetical because of a lack of pulse yet there's still a possibility of something deeper between them. Then I thought about my special project, which concerns a world of vampires that I keep feeling wishy-washy over because it is so stereotypical. The world as I have envisioned to this point is very circular, dealing with one family of vampires and how it is connected with a family of vampire hunters--narrow focus. And then I got the idea of throwing the bumbling vamp and his exasperated ghoul into this world, with his battle against his sire. I think the world has just cracked open.

Now to copy all that and cross post it in Discipline.

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