Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How much done?

Everything's finished but the page in Zy's Novel. I did write some, just not a full page. And then I went back to reading Faulkner (big, long words don't scare me but was the period key broken on your typewriter, man!), started to pull my hair out, and turned to coloring.

And since no one's heard from London in about a year, I don't mind break my "artist sees it first" rule.

Still not taupe, which means I better hold off on Stoker pictures until I buy the right shade. And take the color pencil with me to the store. I thought up a nifty symbolic reason for the green--the camo colored uniforms that make no sense--they're fighting to turn Mars green again. But I like to be sensible and not get shot at so green very small bit of my uniform. I'm not sure why the pants are rolled up either, maybe I'm in Chicago and not the desert? Or maybe inside the base to piss Carbine or who ever my commanding officer is off?

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Jazz said...

Hey you, nice to see your still on the net and still writing.
Nice job with the colouring, even if you don't have the right colour pencil.
BTW, you still on Messenger?

Mez said...

Nie work KLC :)

And is that Jazz I see? Amazing!

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Too bad I didn't see her earlier. Now it's almost my bed time.

I use Yahoo Messanger now, but usually set to offline. Otherwise, people would think I'm on around the clock with DSL. A buzz after 7pm (my time) except on Mondays and Thursdays and weekends will usually get me.