Friday, November 17, 2006

Big day for book-news

Boycott OJ's book. Boycott OJ's TV special about the book.

Whether he's guilty on innocent doesn't really feature into the equation. All I can keep thinking is "Gee, she's dead and he's STILL abusing her."

For better summations see these articles at GalleyCat: Point, Counterpoint in OJ Book Deal Reactions, Booksellers React, Adapt to OJ Book Deal, and OJ Book Deal: A Tale of Two Statements.

Happier news: "He's A Pirate - Tiesto Remix" from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest soundtrack doesn't really sound piratey--though there are spots were the use the overall movie them--but it will be fun to dance to. Don't bother if you hate techno. Okay, pulling out the sword mid beat is kind of piratey.

Story work: Took a note while I was reading last night of something I had thought of during the writing conference back in June. Checked my notes for it. Missing of course, which peeved me to no end because I know I had typed it into yWriter. Then I remembered the savings problems I had with the program on the laptop. *Sigh* Luckily, I did remember the detail upon which hangs a damn good deal of the plot, but it serves as a highlighter for my need some sort of system to keep this stuff organizied in. What particular method that organization is going to be, I don't yet. Wanted to find a new folder to separate draft stuff from the notes and apparantly all folders are in use right now. Added to the aggravation. I'm fighting the urge to just turn all my notes into confetti because that will be worse after the momentary aggravated insanity wears off.

Still working on aliens when I can. We had a coworker with a seizure and taken to the hospital. And trying to do our section's Thanksgiving party today. As well as still having to do the paying job work. Yeah, all that before 10am.

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