Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weather and a new plan

Cold! 32 degrees F in November is unreal. But the house is warm.

I worked a little on creating Zy's reports on the murders. But it was after class and I didn't get very far. I've also placed needing to create a star map with systems and hyperspace lanes in the back of my head. I'm not ready to draw that with my awful drawing skills.

I should be working on homework and just can't face any more Faulkner. Maybe tomorrow.

Found an empty half-inch binder to expand Zy's Novel working notes into. (As opposed to the rest of the notes that fill a two-inch binder.) And got annoyed with the outline available all over again while packing it yesterday. I need to play with the printout options for yWriter, but I forgot to do it after class and trying to figure out how much Zy knows at this point with seven victims.

Aliens: Make me much happier than Faulkner. Have that out to work on during slow time. So far, I'm developing the describe-the-attributes sheet. Should look familiar to all roleplayers. Yeah, I'm going slow on filling it out, but with 20 aliens at last count, I don't want to have to repeatedly turn back to the book.

Submissions: Finished flagging Page After Page two nights ago, and reread her chapter on submissions and being published. And I want to change my strategy. Current strategy: Tell myself to send out two submissions a month and send nothing out. You can see why it needs work.

I'm thinking of combining Heather Sellars tactics with the one she talks about in the exercise for the chapter. Sellars says she send everything she has out twice a year, which corresponds to the ends of semesters (she is a creative writing professor). The exercise says to follow five days of writing with a marketing day to research markets. I like the idea of sending everything out once you have a list of markets for each work, and I like the idea of taking a day to research.

So let's pick a day in December and June to send out a pile of manuscripts: the 8th (it's my lucky number). What needs to go out in December: The Front Porch, the Rose, Father's Love, Dreams of the Dead, the Blue Man on the Porch, Covenant of the Restless, and Hitchhiking Highwayman. After those are in the mail, it's time to start on a new short story for June. As well as keep working on Zy's Novel. Just occured to me that I can only use the last three in my thesis project that will be soon approaching, maybe along with the "Gingerbread Girl." A vacuum of creative project seems to exist for me now.

The second correlation is to follow five writing working days with a marketing day. Always easier said than done but I want a schedule. I like schedules. I'm thinkg of using Saturday and going to SLU's periodical room. Maybe heavy on the journal side, but I think I have a chance of finding samples to read. Provided I go between 9am and 4pm and starting Dec 1st because they're closed this Saturday because of happy gobble, gobble day.

*Snort* I need to finish my edits and post "Let Us Give Thanks" pretty damn soon. I forgot my seasons in relation with the story. That will be tonight once I get some work on aliens done today.

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Good strategy, stick to it!

Mez said...

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