Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ugh, is it over yet?

Jeff Foxworthy's rule of marriage: "If she ain't happy, you ain't happy. Booing it doesn't make it any less true."

I think it applies to my mother this Christmas. Her reasons for not being in a holiday spirit are vaild, but do they make a good reason to spoil everyone else's good time? And how bad does it make me not wanting to hear about the various problem stuff anymore (i.e. being used as a sounding board to a jackhammer)?

Maybe the answer is to take over the major holidays, if she'll let them go. Hmm, I like Wil Wheaton's idea of making Christmas memories instead of the Christmas junk, but I don't know how to make it fly. Have a whole year to figure it out I guess.

Yesterday was better: time with friends I haven't seen in ages. The baby shower went well (mainly due to fun obliviousness--which is easier to do when you aren't related) and I dragged myself out of bed after four hours of sleep unregretting the time spent.

I didn't get everything on the list done though a lot has fallen off. But before looking at the short term, I want to focus on goals for the new year.

To accomplish in 2007
  • Lose some weight--at this point I'm not picky about numbers but I want to buy clothes under the size I'm in now (not above)

  • Meet at least three of my financial goals
    • establish a nest egg of 3 months of expenses

    • start savings for construction project

    • straighten out Roth IRA

    • start Faire and vacation savings

    • payoff outstanding debts

    • pay on mortgage principle

  • Sell some writing

  • File paperwork more often

  • FINISH the damn scanning project

  • Visit friends more

  • Sew more

  • Color more

  • Write more

  • Be more spiritual and try out new spells I found

  • Stress less

  • Screen in front porch and install cat door and cat gym

Maybe some of them fit more under guidelines than actual goals. And it all sounds better than resolutions, but I'm using that in the labels so I can find them again.

Now for the short term plans.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Finish personal financial outlook with Quicken and new workbook

  • CHORES! Catch-up

  • Website updates

  • Help Mom just short of going nuts

  • Writing list
    • Uncle Keith's obit - Mom needs to edit

    • Alien species outlines for Zy's Novel

    • Alien languages for Zy's Novel

    • Pages in Zy's Novel

    • Editing Blue Man

    • Editing Covenant

    • Outlining webcomic project

    • Printing and double checking Dec. mailout

    • Research markets

    • Goto State Library for research

  • Find dice for Eric's Twelfth Night Feast

  • Drink more water and go to the gym

  • Buy 2 more Ikea shelves

  • Sort papers and file

  • Get give-away box put together

  • Take all give-away boxes to Mom's store

  • Apply for gas card

  • 15 minutes on back bedroom, office, and kitchen

  • Time myself on writing up a subject so I can figure out what prices to charge.

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Mez said...

A nice solid list, if a little full ;)

I haven't even looked at my resolutions yet. long until new year?